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Marcelle and Shane, the co-founders of NPAG, are driven by making a positive difference in their clients lives by assisting them to invest with confidence. NPAG was born over a coffee, after Marcelle and Shane realised that they were both EXTREMELY PASSIONATE about property investment and, that between them they had a wealth of knowledge, both being seasoned property investors. They decided that their goal was to create 10,000 property millionaires this decade. Let them help you be one!

The NPAG Difference

As we do not represent any one developer, builder or real estate agent, National Property Advisory Group can take a genuine 'buyers advocate' position rather than merely 'selling' properties we have on our books. National Property Advisory Group deals with any developer, builder or agent who provide the style of property we believe best matches your financial goals.

After spending the time with you to understand your goals, we then undertake extensive research assessing the attributes that deliver what we believe are the key financial outcomes all property should deliver to you as the investor, that is strong capital growth and sound investment income.

We help our customers understand the differences between negative and positive gearing and, the impacts this can have on cash flow.

Through our systemised approach to property research we gain a full understanding of a given locations demographics, industry and employment base, vacancy rates, planned private sector and government infrastructure, existing and planned services and transport and, the impacts that these elements have on the properties capital growth potential and investment income. All of the research we undertake can be independently verified by external third parties respected in the property industry and by their peers.

We only recommend properties to you that meet or exceed a minimum score across our research criteria. The research we undertake closely examines the following three key areas that impact capital growth and investment income:

  • Property location
  • Property type
  • Cash flow

Within the above three areas we thoroughly research across 12 critical criteria; applying points to each criteria depending on whether the property exceeds, meets or falls below our minimum requirements, to arrive at a consistent ranking across all the properties we review.

A property can achieve a maximum score of 150 if it exceeds our minimum requirements in all 12 criteria. We only recommend properties with a total score of 100 or above.

We know the right questions to ask but, more importantly know the right answers to get before we recommend a certain location and property.


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