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Marcelle and Shane, the co-founders of NPAG, are driven by making a positive difference in their clients lives by assisting them to invest with confidence. NPAG was born over a coffee, after Marcelle and Shane realised that they were both EXTREMELY PASSIONATE about property investment and, that between them they had a wealth of knowledge, both being seasoned property investors. They decided that their goal was to create 10,000 property millionaires this decade. Let them help you be one!

Propertyplan by npag

Property Plan is the first step to understanding how we can help you grow wealth through investing in property, undertaking a financial needs analysis to determine your goals and investment objectives. During this fee free, obligation free consultation we will consider your:

  • Current financial position
  • Investment goals and time frames
  • Personal position and objectives
  • Investment risk profile,
  • Readiness to invest, and
  • Past experience

This consultation also gives you an opportunity to better understand our approach to growing your wealth through investing in property prior to making a commitment to engage us to help you achieve your financial goals.


Propertyintel by npag

Property Intel is our ‘full service’ offering, where we will undertake the following:

  • In depth property research and advice.
  • Detailed property cash flow analysis.
  • Location and recommendation of suitable properties.
  • Property purchase negotiations on your behalf.

We do not charge a fee for this service if you proceed with the purchase of a property we recommend.

The property developers, builders and real estate agents we work with pay us a commission upon the sale of the property, in a similar fashion to the way a traditional real estate agent is paid. This commission is not added to the purchase price of the property but, rather it is paid directly by the vendor to National Property Advisory Group.

Alternatively you can elect to pay National Property Advisory Group a flat fee of $16,500 (incl GST) and we will rebate any commissions earned directly to you.

We collect a $990 (incl GST) research and advise fee if you do not proceed with the purchase of a recommended property within three (3) months from the date of that recommendation.

Where our clients are referred to us by one of our professional Business Partners then part of the fees we collect may be shared with them.


Propertywise by npag

Property Wise is designed for anyone who has already located a property they wish to purchase and just wish to gain a better understanding of the suitability of that property and the cash flow outcomes. We will undertake:

  • In depth property research specific to that individual property.
  • Detailed cash flow analysis of the specific property.

Our fee for this service is $590 (incl GST).


Propertysure by npag

Property Sure is a service we offer to anyone who seeks to better understand the cash flow outcomes of a specific property they have already located.

Our fee for this service is $290 (incl GST).


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